Oops, been a while since an update – there’s been stuff in the way. Life, mostly.

My gorgeous friend Eloise got married today, and it was such a lovely day, warm and sunny all the way. I took this photo of Eloise’s sister Madeleine just as we were heading back to Brighton, the sunset light was amazing. And she’s stunning!

Part two of the wedding happens tomorrow…!




Quick update before I’m off to Wiltshire to see friends (and sleep in a tent – I really hope Westbury is drier than Brighton…), I haven’t really packed yet so what better way to procrastinate than write a blog post!
This is a snapshot I took of my friend Tom on the roof terrace of his new house. It was sunny. I’m putting this photo up as a reminder that once there was sun and in the hope that it will eventually find its way back to the UK…



The other day I assisted the lovely photographer Jean-Luc Brouard on location in Brighton & Saltdean. The weather was super warm and sunny in the beginning of the day but then quickly turned very cold and windy. I took these behind the scenes-portraits of two of the models, both windswept and with the exact same, slightly pained, facial expressions… I really can’t recall a colder June than this?



Last of my family bonanza for a while. We were out in the evening walking the neighbour’s dog (who took a shine to me like no dog has ever taken a shine before – he desperately needed to be with me wherever I went. Sounds cute, was mostly annoying) and my mother got lost in her thoughts looking at the mist forming over the meadows. I asked her what she was thinking about, which turned out to be her first fiancé who once ran very far, over these very meadows. The end.



Another one from the trip to Sweden. My nephew loves picking flowers, good thing there’s plenty of them.

Can you see the rainbow?



It’s been a bit quiet here, I’ve been in Sweden! Had a great time with friends and family, went to Stockholm as well as the countryside. The weather was everything but summery for most of the time though, I think this portrait of my brother says it all:

Torrential rain followed – but also a rainbow! And even if the weather could have been warmer and sunnier I still love going in Sweden this time of year, around Midsummer. The sun doesn’t set until about 11 pm and the light is absolutely amazing.



More studio goodies – recently spent half a day taking photos of my gorgeous friend T. Tried to achieve something that wouldn’t feel “pervy” or like a feature in a tattoo magazine (although I must admit I love the tattoos). I’m really happy with how they came out!

Shot at Create studios as always, big thanks to Matt Ring for assisting! And to the lovely model too of course…!



There seems to be no end to the rain at the moment. As we know, rainy days are best spent indoors so yesterday saw me yet again at the great Create Studios here in Brighton, to take some portraits of my lovely friend Fran. There’s this amazing concrete wall in the building I wanted as a backdrop, and despite quite a few technical mishaps to start with and very little space to move it went well and I’m happy with how these came out. All thanks to my great model!



Last weekend my friend Pär was visiting! One of the days we took the bus out to Seven Sisters to marvel at the Beautiful British Countryside. We stood as close to the cliff edge as we dared (which wasn’t very close) and tried socialising with the sheep (who fled in terror when we came near) and then finished by having cream tea in the B&B nearby where Pär was introduced to clotted cream. A very nice day!



Spent all of Monday at Create studios taking portraits of Josh who’s an actor and needed new photos. I first met Josh when he starred in Mark’s film that I took the photos for – see the old one here! His hair’s longer now obviously but other than that he was very much his old smiley self, and still in possession of a very piercing gaze!
I like how this turned out, I think there’s something of an ‘old fashioned film star’ thing going on.

Or Saint-like, maybe…

Big thanks to James McDonald for assisting (and being generally awesome).